Boredom and Disorder*

Lord, I am bored With this six week summer vacation An open-ended stretch of weeks With way more troughs than actual peeks, What with everyone else I know Having jobs where they choose when not to go: A day off here, a morning there, At times of rest when in need of self-care. Reaping the […]

The Inheritance of Mess

Is it wrong as a post-modern woman To find joy in the business of housework…? It’s not that I’m an obsessive: In fact, I’m inclined to shirk, Believing strictly in Need-To-Purge Rather than a regular, ritual, urge And secretly liking my nest of a mess Where all I need can quietly rest, Safe in the […]

Sense, Nonsense and Pedagogical Illogic*

I work hard for a living. CV See me. Don’t see What you want to see Just because You saw my age Embedded somewhere On the page. See the things That I’ve achieved. Qualifications. Expertise. Commitment. Endurance. Tricks with a staple gun, Never before or since been done… Three-D constructions with paper and string: Did […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors*

Job applications Like pebbles on a beach Drop into the water And sink out of reach. The hours of crafting A self-attribution An art in itself That can lead to confusion, The seeking and tweaking Of core characteristics To match with the list Of descriptive linguistics More words and phrases Than I’d ever use To […]

Song for Sindy

If I were an artist I’d have a happy medium Working with refinement To alleviate the tedium… As it is, I’m an inveterate fiddler Fingers twitching 24/7 An unmitigated twiddler. And round about this time of year Little, wrinkled piles appear Finding I cannot resist The festive challenges of basic physics… To cut and shape […]