Fathers’ Day*

My dad was a remarkable man who lived below the radar, Keen not to court attention lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, his countenance and not his grace: The colour of his skin, not the man behind the face. He told us stories when we asked about the life he’d led […]

Eponymy of Scale*

There’s someone else on the planet With the same name as me… In more than half a century That numbers only three!¹ Though this one is outstanding- A musical inspiration- A female with a bass guitar (An unorthodox situation); A diminutive figure With an instrument of size, Playing with distinction Alongside the guys. Subtle by […]


Life. A gift that comes with conditions Shaped by the human disposition, Survival of the fittest The lore of biology That outmanoeuvres The wit of psychology: A capacity of mind To seek and discover Reasons to put one foot In front of the other, Just to keep going With no way of knowing The twists […]

Reluctant Relic

I am a dinosaur. Clumsy, outmoded. Calm and well-boundaried, Not easily goaded. A walking example Of statistical evidence And caricature of flimsy defence, Pointy at both ends And fat in the middle Like some old well-worn Christmas riddle. Hardly humorous, lumbering, slow And trying to capture all that I know In catchy phrases, cautious words, […]