Education For All?*

For all, as a child, I ever complained About going school again and again, About homework and lessons and teachers’ tempers, About friendships and fall-outs with other class-members, I’m grateful retrospectively That the land of my birth permitted me (Not for a moment considering a choice) The right to learn and express my voice: To […]

The Age of Reason*

When we were young, we wanted to grow up But none of us expected to grow old. We listened to our parents and learned from our elders And generally did as we were told… When things went wrong, we found a way To put them back together Constantly re-configuring allegiance Believing we’d been clever. The […]

A New Year Revelation…*

If Christmas is for the children Are we not all kids at heart, Nervous in our silence For the hope of a fresh start? Worried for the trail we leave With others bound to follow, Just as we’ve done all our lives And will do again tomorrow… The stuff of human learning A job that’s […]