Great Is Their Faithfulness*

Here, now, in the twenty-first century, It vexes and appals me That animals, like children, Seem to constitute a human liberty… Unless, for reasons of compassion, A ‘future owner’ may deviate from fashion And open their heart to a ‘prehomed’ creature, Need and potential the prominent features Over and above a fancy breed -It’s a […]

Waiting… *

Waiting for the builder’s like waiting for Godot…* The existential question being, ‘Will he ever show?’ And just for a moment, presuming he does, Will I be able to not make a fuss For the simple business of time here spent, Sitting on my backside expecting this event? For the efforts preceding, to clear the […]

Highway Hiatus*

‘Tis the season of road works for no reason…* Or at least, that’s how it appears: The mushrooming of holes in tarmac Enough to drive one to tears. The ubiquity of ‘temporary lights’ A really rather depressing sight, Workers clad in luminous attire Sadly not enough to inspire Any sense of hope at all As […]

Pet Rescue*

My cat Is a smart cat Emboldened by endurance. Couldn’t leave her in the cat home So I had to take the chance. All the other cats and kittens Already having thoroughly smitten Willing humans with space to care For creatures with a fine, full coat of hair… But nobody wanted a part-bald tabby, Hind […]

Happy Every After*

Happy Ever After- the fairy tale dream Where we sometimes forget things aren’t always as they seem, Misty-eyed wonder at fairy tale endings Forgetting that’s when we were only pretending; Forgetting that lads no longer ride horses, Glued to the Sport and 18-hole courses, These postmodern hunter-gatherer ways Sophisticated, some might say: No riding on […]

Cat, Smarter*

Given the male passion for sports That mostly involve a ball. I’m wondering, is there any point In trying to compete at all? The weekend days all earmarked Before next season’s even embarked, Leaving me free to do what I choose (Whether they win or whether they lose) -He never asks so I don’t have […]

Reveille for the USA*

Woe is the World… This President Elect The one whom few will ever forget, Not so much for his politics As arrogant, headline-grabbing antics…¹ Unless, in fact, this is media selection: Whether to damage or simply court correction. The former perhaps the most obvious plan, Constructing the downfall of a questionable man. Creating a backdraft […]