Batman RIP*

Batman and Robin? Wow! What a team!! -With cloaks, masks and tights To conceal the Dream: A lesson in life that crossed generations Courtesy of a TV station That brought this comic-strip pair to light To educate kids on Wrong from Right, Witty adversaries setting the scene With their cravings for power A crime-fighter’s dream. […]

Drowning By Numbers*

A life less extraordinary Is hard to imagine: Just sitting And listening And letting things happen As though a guard dog Pretending to sleep While simultaneously Vigilance keeps. At least, that’s the look Sustained on my face; Drooping eyes And paws out of place. But ears alert, And sharp as a knife Waiting for the […]

Food For Thought*

The modern hunter-gatherer Is something of a mitherer¹… Stalking round the supermarket, Lugging their trolley rather than park it Lest there’s something so obscure On special offer- a bargain for sure Irrespective of whether the thing Is actually worth the bother of queueing ; Taking the ticket with Lottery hope, Trying with all your might […]

Let’s Hear It For The Girls…

William Tell¹ (Some know him well) Shot an arrow through an apple On the head of his lad In order to prevent Something very, very bad. I can’t remember what But he clearly hit the spot, His place secured in the record books On account of the heroic risk he took. And Robin Hood did […]

The Wheels On The Bus*

Dear Mrs Nice-Lady, With the happy, smiling child, Looking out the window As the bus solemnly files From stop to stop to stop to stop Along the crowded city streets, With more and more folk getting on And fewer claiming seats, If you paused for a moment, I’m sure you would agree Just how much […]

Sense, Nonsense and Pedagogical Illogic*

I work hard for a living. CV See me. Don’t see What you want to see Just because You saw my age Embedded somewhere On the page. See the things That I’ve achieved. Qualifications. Expertise. Commitment. Endurance. Tricks with a staple gun, Never before or since been done… Three-D constructions with paper and string: Did […]

Incidental Learning*

Sometimes I sits and thinks And sometimes, I just sits.* Wondering in anything Will ever come of it. The space inside my head, a tangled ball of string One end attached to reality And the other, well, to nothing… A gangling, dangling thread A little frayed at the end From twiddling and fiddling And all […]