Trust. A quality that binds us In the ordinariness of things. The watching and the waiting, The inevitable vacillating, The trials and tribulations, Of unexpected stings. The unspoken given Of the space in between ¹ A simple acknowledgement Of the places we’ve been; Journeys planned and unplanned, With rocks on the tarmac, The kind of […]

Love Me/ Love Me Not*

Saint Valentine, a complex soul, Would seem to have so many roles While he, declining recognition, Went about his private mission Loving couples to protect And forging something of a sect… He wedded pairs successfully In the face of great hostility Pledging love til death to part So saving many broken hearts. Between these matches, […]

Goods and Chattels*

There’s a sudden rise in tension On the business of workplace pensions, The Laws of Olde maintaining a line That not being wed is far from fine; Those years, decades, of solid commitment Deemed by some to be insufficient, Simply for the lack of a permanent contract From which, it appears, so many retract Finding […]

Silent Partners*

One man and his dog, Companions devoted, Their love without words Doubtless barely noted. Age in their faces just as it appears, Unspoken mutual trust Grown deeper with the years. No need for banter, for justification, Safe in the sanctuary of a shared situation Quietly at ease as they wonder the street, Neither one worrying […]

Division of Labour

Division of labour needs delicate balance, Too often the wrecker of modern romance With both teams silently competing Over jobs that daily need repeating Even though, if taking a survey, Each would declare for sure that they Loathe the housework Hate the chores Find Domestica such a bore, Would gleefully skip over the detail Risking […]