Abstainers’ Reprieve*

There are thirty-eight shades of Prussian Blue¹ But only one of Tory: The former a personal fascination, The latter a national story… England’s green and pleasant land Now resting precariously in Teresa’s hands While questions are asked across hallowed halls About how on earth this has happened at all… The British Public making it clear […]

US After Party*

Is it my business to feel incensed At the US decision with world consequence? Do I have the right to express my unease At a man who seems focussed only to please Those who follow in his wake And seemingly would not hesitate To sell his mother (though not his wife) In order to simply […]

A Consequence of Ambivalence?

So what happens now As we settle the row Over inning or outing, Supporting or doubting, Over Boris or Dave, Over access and trade, Over winners and losers And pickers and choosers? What happens now To the previously-ambivalent, The people didn’t bother to consent; The It-Doesn’t Matter-Mates Who simply didn’t participate Whether through purposeful negligence […]