Balanced Riot*

How much does it really matter That Britain’s children are getting fatter…? Who’s responsible for the shift From taking the stairs to riding the lift? Who takes the rap for a sedentary lot With a whole generation sat on its bot Poking and stroking electronic screens Eating junk food while eschewing their greens? Who takes […]

Feast, Famine and Fiasco*

If women stopped worrying about losing weight (At least in public) Wouldn’t that be great??! What a difference to the tone of conversation- Substituting competition for social communication… Talking about stuff that really matters As much as expanding the general natter Beyond this ridiculous self-imposed torment, As though we’re calling for one and all to […]

Silencing the Lambs*

We went to watch the football in a local hostelry. The place was full to bursting in the room with the TV, Folks of all proclivities come together as one Including those accompanied by babes, daughters sons… You might think, “Oh, how wonderful!- a family affair!” But is watching soccer in the pub an act […]

Barking Parking*

Like many here, I park my car From whence I hope it’s not too far To haul my sleep-depriv-èd mass To school in reasonable time for class, Noting with increased concern How busy people seldom learn That other folk around them share The morning’s daily parking scare… The urgency to not be late Declining us […]

Black Friday Fandango*

Fridays come but once a week. This one, though, some kind of freak, Hijacked by an American thing Inspired to make the registers ring… When Black Friday Comes¹ We’re all supposed to shop, Buying anything and everything, Completely unable to stop, Encouraged to take excessive liberties Under the auspice of pending Festivities, This bizarre excuse […]

Modern History

To film or just to intervene? To capture or to interrupt some potential historical scene? To risk your reputation in a tricky situation Simply for the ignominy Of being broadcast on TV In one of those hideous ‘real-life’ documentaries To be passed unedited down through the centuries. Unedited records so transparent As to leave a […]

Poem In The First Half.

The football season’s started again. Oh, good grief: the Rights of Men To dominate the media with nothing but balls. I can’t say I’m surprised at all. Match Of The Anything sure draws a crowd, Not that there’s really much to be proud of: Laundering money along with their kits- Is there never any end […]