January Jangle*

‘Tis a curious anachronism That people of the male persuasion ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE New-year headlines across our noble nation.¹ Which leaves me wondering, is that because They basically struggle to cope, The school-boy drive to always be first Undermined by the wisdoms of female scope To make do, mend, marshal, manoeuvre While simultaneously doing the laundry […]

Boris Johnson MP*

He’s no Slow Loris¹, is Boris,* Though certainly sometimes remiss In the way he proceeds with proclamations That sound like he’s taking the p*ss… His foppish, Saville Row countenance Cutting a superior figure As he perches on a bicycle² In the name of political rigour Though a character ripe for amusement And Publicity Seeker beyond […]

Fake Philosophy*

I’m slightly bemused By the stuff of ‘fake news’,¹ The Blustering hurrumphs Of the Trumpety-Trump. The People, it seems by all accounts, Believing every syllable thus pronounced Is God’s honest heart-felt gospel fact -Accompanied by threats of a weapons attack. While the very same media has Kim Jong Un With his finger hovering a similar […]

Own Goal?*

What a load of fuss Over a plume of hot air: A Man versus Woman Sporting affair… A casual remark Opined in humour Giving rise to outrage and defamatory rumour, The simple use of common words Distorted by criticism simply absurd All in the name of headline news -A curious and mildy questionable ruse. The […]


Have we lost the thread in the modesty debate, That lack of exposure should somehow cause hate? To cover the female form, it seems, Is the kind of behaviour regarded extreme While in a parallel universe To stay fully clad is deemed perverse, The route of this aggravated demand A bitter line drawn in the […]

Negative Trajectory

Daily reports of violation Are setting a tone of mounting sensation, Joanne and Joe Public, as anyone would, Growing worries in kind with their neighbourhood. The smouldering of collective passive assumptions Building peculiar social seduction, Documented in thorough detail To systematically bang in more nails To the lead-lined casket of irrational unease Specifically designed to […]

Daily Record*

They also serve Who only stand and film.* When something perfunctory Enters our realm We post it on the internet For everyone to see, Securing our moment in history, Fulfilling a kind of social purpose Recording what goes on around us. A personal contribution To this cultural revolution, Archiving the comedy along with the mundane […]