Fake Philosophy*

I’m slightly bemused By the stuff of ‘fake news’,ยน The Blustering hurrumphs Of the Trumpety-Trump. The People, it seems by all accounts, Believing every syllable thus pronounced Is God’s honest heart-felt gospel fact -Accompanied by threats of a weapons attack. While the very same media has Kim Jong Un With his finger hovering a similar […]

Daily Record*

They also serve Who only stand and film.* When something perfunctory Enters our realm We post it on the internet For everyone to see, Securing our moment in history, Fulfilling a kind of social purpose Recording what goes on around us. A personal contribution To this cultural revolution, Archiving the comedy along with the mundane […]

Journalistic Integrity*

The job of a journalist is a harsh one indeed Shaping the perspective of everything we read, Choosing the angle from which to portray The triumphs and the tragedies, The stuff of every day. Such a routine task is difficult to fathom- At once to be provocative and still invoke compassion. Or have I got […]