World Cup Wisdom*

Welcome to the World Stage… The football has begun! -Whatever you may think of it, Wouldn’t it be great if we won?! Though contemporary etiquette Suggests it’s easy to forget Reputations won and lost At the hand of each successive boss: Names and numbers big on shirts And never mind how much it hurts, Each […]

Track & Field*

I’m feeling slightly overwrought By serial footage of competitive sport… As if the football season Was not sufficient reason For sitting on the sofa, glued to the screen Wondering what might happen And then, what might’ve been; Not really understanding the draw, Much less, the business of keeping score Until I caught crossed paths with […]

Line of Duty*

Every country needs traditions Whatever its political or social condition Rooted in histories of war and peace, A peculiar theatre of historical decrees, The stream of pristine uniforms A symbol of all that here conforms In the name of tradition, an erudition Passed across the centuries, A ritual sense of unity, With seamless choreography: This […]

Sport For All

Gold for Great Britain?! Olympics, I was smitten! Who’d ever’ve thought With no interest in sport That someone like me Would sit, wait -and see Such feats of excellence and endeavour Performed with elegance under pressure By folks from my homeland -Can you try to understand? I watched gymnastics as a kid, Static in awe […]

By Jingo*

England. Oh, England… Why so jingoistic? Why do you persist in being monolinguistic? What once made you omnipotent Now renders you impotent As fellow Europeans harden To your constant ‘Beg yer pardon?’ Rightly requiring a little more respect With subsequent generations finding That, yes indeed, they’re rightly minding That we make so little effort In […]