August’s Child*

August’s Child is much neglected, This month for a birthday unwisely selected, Parents (one might speculate) Hoping for a September date… To stake a place in the new school year Ensuring the kid’s developmentally in gear, With those of us born in the summer vacation Left trailing behind under equal expectation And worse than that, […]

Left-Field Lady*

Dear Julie Christy, Standing to the left of me, Steppin’ and a-clappin’ Between the banter and the chattin’. I sometimes wonder just how far We’ve actually walked- It’s quite bizarre, This journey that we weekly share Without ever actually going anywhere! (-Amazing, though, the calorie-burning In between the musical learning: Walking for miles on a […]

Double Bind*

Is sexism what it used to be? A curious question, it seems to me, Not least for the silence of assumption That regular gender-related presumption (Especially where women and girls are concerned) Is still quietly propagated, passively learned. So…whose fault is this? Who can we blame For slight, remarks, offence and shame? What do we […]

Faith, Hope and Parity*

Sometimes There are things I want to say If I only had the faith to pray. If only I could find the grace To surrender to that spiritual place Inhabited by so many I know. For me, right now, it shan’t be so, For reasons I cannot explain. As much as I feel emotional pain […]

Rest In Peace.*

Hold back the tears and raise your hands- Heaven must be hosting one helluva band -Serial musicians of our generation Together on a cloud causing quite a sensation While each and every one-time teen Remembers how good our disco days have been- From shuffling and awkward in different corners Watching over-confident John Travoltas Completely oblivious to […]

Choral Commotion

When I wake up in the morning, Lord, And my head is full of stuff* It takes a moment to assess, Is the day gonna to be that tough…? Am I making poor excuses For my general state of mourning, The darkness edging forth Delaying each day’s dawning… The growing urge to hibernate Impeding motivation… […]