Last Days of Discipline*

Why is it fine To be marking time At the company’s expense? What possible defense For hours and hours of mindless computing? -There’s absolutely no room for refuting How little there is of purpose to do In this term-end empty human zoo… The urge for planning and preparation An over-anticipated expectation, Slightly overstepping the unspoken-given […]


In my head There’s a secret vault, Gathering place of idle thoughts… The things I shouldn’t dare declare All safely (I hope) arranged in there, My elected position to sit on the sidelines Watching random events unravel Disclosing in their wake a route for travail: The seeking of solutions Tantamount to revolution With talk of […]

Hibernation Aberration

Animals have the right idea When it comes to the dark end of the year, Quietly stowing favoured delights In preparation for long winter nights… No endless rounds of X-Factor (A format now just set to bore), The ballroom dancing substitution An anti-fashion revolution Parading endless frocks and heels And hairdos set as hard as […]