Parking Debacle*

Dear Mr Kyle (MP)¹ I hope you might indulge me In answering a question That’s troubling increasingly: A particular vexation Of living near Hove station And made much worse in summer it seems With tourists, friends and relations in streams Trickling down the A23 To spend a day or more down by the sea, Each […]

Safety in Numbers*

There’s a mounting sense of vexation About finance in education, The weighty matter of pressure to Achieve Perhaps just a little misconceived… Hasn’t anyone notice the flaw in the plot That Standards per se are actually not…? Truth be told, they’ve been composed By bods at the top who thinks they knows What it is […]

Vitamin D-vious

There’s a storm whipping up around Vitamin D,¹ The notion of National deficiency Echoing round our breakfast tables Overstepping the topic of vegetables; Of healthy diet and exercise. No rocket science and no surprise… The distant sounds of money making Gathering speed and over-taking The gentlest of common sense That this is simply recompense For […]

Black Friday Fandango*

Fridays come but once a week. This one, though, some kind of freak, Hijacked by an American thing Inspired to make the registers ring… When Black Friday Comes¹ We’re all supposed to shop, Buying anything and everything, Completely unable to stop, Encouraged to take excessive liberties Under the auspice of pending Festivities, This bizarre excuse […]

The Ghost of City Centres*

There’s frequent conjecture On the urban spectre Of our city’s rough sleepers, Ever-present Loose-Change Reapers, Sitting on the pavement passing the time While the rest of the populous goes rushing by Getting themselves into quite a palaver, With sooo much shopping always to gather. It’s Christmas, soon, let’s not forget,(!) Seasoned consumers starting to fret, Ploughing […]


Slacktivism¹. Now there’s a word To captivate the passive-absurd: A sociological construct nouveau Applied to people we, all of us, know. Restless, the knowledge in our heads Of all that we have ever said In open response to those social causes Brought about by negative forces; Wrought by nature, wrought by Man,² Enacting some or […]


They also vex Who only stand and text. In the middle of a crowded space. As though theirs is a privileged case. Stopping still to make a call. Noting nothing odd at all About the fact they’re *IN THE WAY* As other folk go about their day, Taking not one moment of time To quickly, […]