Abstainers’ Reprieve*

There are thirty-eight shades of Prussian Blue¹ But only one of Tory: The former a personal fascination, The latter a national story… England’s green and pleasant land Now resting precariously in Teresa’s hands While questions are asked across hallowed halls About how on earth this has happened at all… The British Public making it clear […]


Is the single reason that the world keeps turning The human capacity for avoidance of learning? -Lessons of every nature and scale Daily apparent to no avail, The human proclivity for safety in habit A very particular, sturdy facet Of blind-sighted self-determination For everything in its place To avoid temptation… Irony, perhaps, the heart of […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors*

Job applications Like pebbles on a beach Drop into the water And sink out of reach. The hours of crafting A self-attribution An art in itself That can lead to confusion, The seeking and tweaking Of core characteristics To match with the list Of descriptive linguistics More words and phrases Than I’d ever use To […]