The Age of Reason*

When we were young, we wanted to grow up But none of us expected to grow old. We listened to our parents and learned from our elders And generally did as we were told… When things went wrong, we found a way To put them back together Constantly re-configuring allegiance Believing we’d been clever. The […]

Modern History

To film or just to intervene? To capture or to interrupt some potential historical scene? To risk your reputation in a tricky situation Simply for the ignominy Of being broadcast on TV In one of those hideous ‘real-life’ documentaries To be passed unedited down through the centuries. Unedited records so transparent As to leave a […]

Resistance Is Low

Antibiotics are no longer exotic, Their overuse lately deemed rather quixotic; The decades of knee-jerk prescription writing In which GPs have been passively delighting A well-formed cloud upon the horizon, A spectre we should keep our eyes on. Man’s intervention a noble intention, Though now the focus of some dissention, The culture of blame outgrowing […]