Sendentary Saturday*

Ah, the delights of Saturday morning:* No alarms, just slothful yawning, Radio on in constant conversation, Concealing the inevitable cognitive vacation… Elicitng a Cocktail Party Effect That contributes nothing to my intellect, (In truth, already wholly diverted By stuff on the ‘net so blatantly asserted, Somehow knowing, without my consent, There’s money somewhere, just waiting […]

Fellow Ship*

I hope you don’t mind my taking of the liberty To spread a gentlle note of Christmas sensitivity- Quietly respecting those on their own, Whether by choice or a state to bemoan. This time of year can be that much harder When there’s nobody else to share the ardour- The excitement of childhood looking on, […]

Pre-Christmas Chaos*

‘Tis the season of chaos-born fantasy… Frantic shopping an inevitability With last minute touches still to be found In spite of the urge to flee from the town. High Streets rivalling the M25 With hordes of pedestrians grappling to survive, Dragging their children and multiple bags, The joy on all faces beginning to sag, Caught […]

Great Expectations*

I’ve long come to the conclusion That there’s rising cause for confusion In the popular notion that Man has power To protect every animal, tree and flower Through work in the name of conservation -A complicated situation, Somehow misrepresenting the fact That whatever we do, we can never go back: We can never revoke the […]

Education For All?*

For all, as a child, I ever complained About going school again and again, About homework and lessons and teachers’ tempers, About friendships and fall-outs with other class-members, I’m grateful retrospectively That the land of my birth permitted me (Not for a moment considering a choice) The right to learn and express my voice: To […]

Pilgrims’ Progress*

In the name of Progress, what have we done To disavow the younger generations Of the skills and resilience To face life’s tribulations? We gave them mass media, The internet, Mobile phones; We gave them support groups And places they might moan, Learning to express themselves With courage and authenticity. Why, then, should they harm […]

King John’s Christmas (2016…)*

King John was not a good man By dint of reputation Though few, ’tis true, have ever given Credence to his situation… A lonely chap beneath his crown, Often prone to feeling down, And finding himself left alone With precious few friends At the end of the phone, Worrying quietly as Christmas approaches That any […]