She’s tired by the way he speaks to her Like a stranger much more than a friend: The giving of seamless instructions Something on which she can daily depend. Ironic, really, if he’d give it some thought, How he rails against notes of any sort, As though these somehow impinge his freedom -He finds every […]

No Fixed Address*

Home is where the heart is, right?* In mind at least, if not plain sight. A place within, where memories hide Awaiting their moment to take on the tide; To prove their strength and take their place As obstacles in the human race. Some of them riding with hope and glory, Others recollecting a different […]

Wander Woman*

I’m not so much Wonder Woman As a woman who simply wanders… Errant in mind and quick to distract, In order to simply not look back. Occasionally pausing to ponder The rocks and pebbles in my path. The whether-to-weep or whether-to-laugh, The whether-to-stop-where-I-am-and-just-sit… If only I had both will and wit To turn my back […]

Faith, Hope and Dignity*

Still reeling after all these years Of watching my mother slowly disappear:* First the forgetfulness, nobody thinking If she’s deaf with no aids in, that won’t be surprising…ยน Secondary but with increasing strength, A growing erosion of confidence. Vulnerability only now revealed As she loses the wherewithal to conceal Those things I think she knew […]

Sunshine & Solitude*

I scroll through my emails from habit Hoping quielty for something to read, Wading through spam in frustration At just how easy it is to plead… To launch a cause into the ether To capture attention web-wide Entreating strangers to sign and share Without much sense of pride. A name and viable email address Are […]

Sendentary Saturday*

Ah, the delights of Saturday morning:* No alarms, just slothful yawning, Radio on in constant conversation, Concealing the inevitable cognitive vacation… Elicitng a Cocktail Party Effect That contributes nothing to my intellect, (In truth, already wholly diverted By stuff on the ‘net so blatantly asserted, Somehow knowing, without my consent, There’s money somewhere, just waiting […]

Fellow Ship*

I hope you don’t mind my taking of the liberty To spread a gentlle note of Christmas sensitivity- Quietly respecting those on their own, Whether by choice or a state to bemoan. This time of year can be that much harder When there’s nobody else to share the ardour- The excitement of childhood looking on, […]