I wonder if my mum knows today is in her honour? I dare say not, on account her demeanour. Her mind surrendered to history’s burden, Telling the same stories over again, Crying like a child with the sheer frustration Of knowing the nature of this situation. Yet, in brief moments of clear blue sky, Still […]

Farewell to Joneville*

Joneville is a place we go Where TAs take their joys and woes, Met with acceptance and space to converse On topics of all subjects -though Education First! The business of enabling In order to include; The safety-valve of humour (-without being rude!!); The moans and the groans, The targets and the paperwork (Though all done […]

Departure Time*

I’ve long come to the conclusion That there’s rising cause for confusion In the popular notion that Man has power To protect every animal, tree and flower Through work in the name of conservation -A complicated situation, Somehow misrepresenting the fact That whatever we do, we can never go back… We can never revoke the […]


Turns out we can prove anything with science From evolutionary genesis to rights of military defiance, The human drive for evidence A raison d’etre in our defence, Proving the pudding with vital consumption Tempered with a measure of righteous assumption, This, the way that History is born: Those who speak loudest leading the dawn While […]


Bless you, Mr Blair. Do you really think we’d care That you even hold opinion On European affairs? Your patronising tone (A pun I fully condone) As velvet as the day is dark Your sole intention To raise a spark, The inevitable consequence The provocation of defence: We’ve heard it all before, you know- The […]

Rest In Peace.*

Hold back the tears and raise your hands- Heaven must be hosting one helluva band -Serial musicians of our generation Together on a cloud causing quite a sensation While each and every one-time teen Remembers how good our disco days have been- From shuffling and awkward in different corners Watching over-confident John Travoltas Completely oblivious to […]

Not Filing But Drowning

If a tidy desk means a tidy mind, What’s the corollary for one who can’t find *Anything* In an administrative mire Passively geologically acquired? The urge to be orderly just not in my genes, As anyone who’s witnessed my mess will have seen, The business of filing just not in my gift Causing the frequent […]