Life. Love. Learning. Laughter. Things to remember In the happy-ever-after. First steps, first calls, First stumble, first falls, First Going-Out nights, First fights and made-rights. Each governed with love and determination To learn for the better from a tough situation. A legacy crafted by patient degree, By parents setting their offspring free To find their […]

Career Politicians*

Is it meOr are politicians getting younger?The smell of their career-driven hungerMuddled with Crimplene to diminish their youthAs though such a mantle disguises the truthThat actual life experience accruedWouldn’t take that long to review…From school to university,Bamboozled by diversityAnd wanting first to take a standEmpowering their fellow man.A noble sentiment indeed,Determination to succeedSomehow lacking credibilityOn […]

Power Point*

All for the want of passing the buck, A trail of admin and what the **** …A situation beyond my control Transmuted to interrogation of the soul, Unwittingly symbolising human decline For the want of doing absolutely everything online. Where once there was a paper trail: Archived evidence rarely ever failed But in this illustrious […]

Secret Service*

Espionage was a game for the boys With their gadgets, magnifiers and walkie-talkie toys, While girls (back then) were traditionally led In the business of domesticity instead…* Which, perhaps. is were it all went wrong? The same-old, same old, game old song Of gender specificity Remained a mystery to me. Though maybe not so much […]

Cycle Path*

What goes around comes around As news headlines daily testify Informing Joe and Joanna public Of stuff to make them cry, Suggesting in no uncertain terms The lid’s gone missing from a whole can of worms… The simple yet unobvious fact That humankind quite simply lacks Any shared capacity To manage with magnanimity Those choices […]

Every Child Matters*

What does is mean to be special?ยน A warm sense of positive self Or the kid in the class that can’t keep up On acount of a context that has him stuck With a reputation chained to his being, This the first thing that everyone’s seeing Proud-as-you-like on documentation: Is that really authentic Inclusive Education? […]

The Road Ahead*

Today’s a day to stand in line With others who’s folk share the same fate as mine: The gradual erosion of personal history An insidiously powerful, corrosive mystery; The nature of Fate more fickle than fair, Scouring the mind ’til nothing’s left there. The shell of a person once life and soul Now whittled away […]