Cycle Path*

What goes around comes around As news headlines daily testify Informing Joe and Joanna public Of stuff to make them cry, Suggesting in no uncertain terms The lid’s gone missing from a whole can of worms… The simple yet unobvious fact That humankind quite simply lacks Any shared capacity To manage with magnanimity Those choices […]

Every Child Matters*

What does is mean to be special?ยน A warm sense of positive self Or the kid in the class that can’t keep up On acount of a context that has him stuck With a reputation chained to his being, This the first thing that everyone’s seeing Proud-as-you-like on documentation: Is that really authentic Inclusive Education? […]

The Road Ahead*

Today’s a day to stand in line With others who’s folk share the same fate as mine: The gradual erosion of personal history An insidiously powerful, corrosive mystery; The nature of Fate more fickle than fair, Scouring the mind ’til nothing’s left there. The shell of a person once life and soul Now whittled away […]

Descartes for the Disinclined*

Peer pressure. Pressure from peers? Or pressure from more insideous sources Indirectly calling on financial resources To pay for physical characteristics To be remodelled to look ‘fantastic’, A construct too much in the media’s court, Suggesting all manner of overt self-harm Without so much of a sense of alarm As a reflex response to ‘current […]

Great Is Their Faithfulness*

Here, now, in the twenty-first century, It vexes and appals me That animals, like children, Seem to constitute a human liberty… Unless, for reasons of compassion, A ‘future owner’ may deviate from fashion And open their heart to a ‘prehomed’ creature, Need and potential the prominent features Over and above a fancy breed -It’s a […]

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation*

Aaah, The long summer holiday…. Six weeks of nothing to do each day -Which is not to say I won’t find my pace Once I’ve excavated the place… The geological layers of paper A very particular personal caper, Spread like autumn leaves in abundance, Mostly scribbled ideas by now redundant, Though, testifying in my own […]

Food for Thought*

The Obesity Crisis’s gone broadside…* A solidly determined turn of the tide To reign in consumption of ‘Junk’ foods galore, Especially those with high calorie scores Encouraging Joe Public, his Mrs and kids To think about which foods to forbid: Which to choose with careful discretion And which to consume with no need of confession, […]