What’s is a name? -Is it pride or shame? Is it your moniker That governs your fame? Or is your tagging The reason for lagging Behind in the workplace By implication of race? A curious question Of modern times, The stealth of selection A silent crime; Allegations quiet and clear Suggesting that might happen here- […]

Self Defeat*

Girls, girls, girls How has your place in this world Regressed beyond all recognition In the face of media competition Over just about everything From what to say to what to sing; From what to wear, how to style your hair, To how and what and whether to share The most intimate of personal details […]


It breaks my hard to see the struggle Of kids in class in a constant muddle, Clearly unable to grasp instructions And on the verge of starting ructions. Fidgety, giggling, turning round, A subtle disruption without much sound: Not enough to catch the eye Of any adult passing by “Notice me!” the clarion call Of […]

Soccer Shocker*

Football’s gone all self-righteous A united front tutting at the simply outrageous Utterly implausible idea That unimaginable sums of money Have actually been changing hands here… Call it a bribe or call it a bung, The latest team manager, record unsung, Is being hung right out there to dry, As all around, the Nation sighs, […]

Saints and Sinners*

Charity: An act of compassionate intervention From small donations on a widow’s pension To practical acts of public support, Those magnanimous gestures in news reports. The theory suggests we begin at home, Long before we might seek to roam: To care for our neighbour as ourselves Before crossing the waters to lowlier realms. But, decade […]

A Catholic Conundrum

  The absolute, unquestionable sanctity of life Is an easy rule to live by until it is tests belief, So fundamentally entrenched With no turning back Until some insidious event Signals attack. Then silently The doubts begin, The worries and the questioning, The sadness and the soul searching, With prayers and conversation Feeding media sensation. […]