Under Occupation *

The fly in my current employment Is a tacit lack of deployment… The Sitting Around With Nothing To Do Like a lonely exhibit in Human zoo Is really not my choice of task Not that anyone would actually ask- It’s simpler after all, I suppose, To generally accept that nobody knows… Which isn’t the way […]

Stage Craft*

Iyyy am an AC-tor! Can’t you tell By the sonorous resonance Of the stories I tell? Projecting my voice with so much to say But you’ll have to listen to me anyway… Well may you mutter, or whisper resentment But do, please, acknowledge the depth of my sentiment . All I ask is somebody to […]


They also vex Who only stand and text. In the middle of a crowded space. As though theirs is a privileged case. Stopping still to make a call. Noting nothing odd at all About the fact they’re *IN THE WAY* As other folk go about their day, Taking not one moment of time To quickly, […]