Every Child Matters*

What does is mean to be special?¹ A warm sense of positive self Or the kid in the class that can’t keep up On acount of a context that has him stuck With a reputation chained to his being, This the first thing that everyone’s seeing Proud-as-you-like on documentation: Is that really authentic Inclusive Education? […]

Unique Difference*

Humphrey Numpty was not a shrewd guy. Tripped over most things, however he tried To stand straight and tall, Hoping not to appall By his lack of capability In the realms of practicality. Though he tried his best, things still went wrong, His woeful lament a plaintive song, ‘How sad am I!’ he sobbed to […]


It breaks my hard to see the struggle Of kids in class in a constant muddle, Clearly unable to grasp instructions And on the verge of starting ructions. Fidgety, giggling, turning round, A subtle disruption without much sound: Not enough to catch the eye Of any adult passing by “Notice me!” the clarion call Of […]

Contemporary Communication Disorder

  The glance is mightier than the word.¹ An observation not so absurd, The curse being sharper than the sentiment, Semiotics, the weapon of intent.² A smile may launch a thousand ships, This cause-effect relationship Declared of Helen Of Troy, I believe. A curious burden, ill-conceived, The blame and cost attributed To one woman’s face, […]

London Fashion Week (2016)

Welcome to London Fashion Week. You know you’d love to take a peek If only to see your ‘pre-loved’ pieces (Notwithstanding moth holes and creases) Suddenly beckoned out of the closet For ȧ la mode details on the pocket, Or any contemporary feature for that matter, Assuming you’ve not grown that much fatter(!) Over the […]

England Expects.

England expects Every man, woman and child To exercise civic respect. A nation of all-comers borne of history Sharing an isle where it’s no great mystery That all men are equal and women, at last, Are closing the gender gap firm and fast. Meanwhile, in the background, Travel enables The arrival of folk from all […]


They tell all the grownups That I’ve got ‘special needs’ As though to make a difference To the way they should proceed. Some just talk quite slowly Some don’t talk at all Some just keep on shouting As if they’re really doubting That I can do anything By myself At all. They don’t talk much […]