Three Corners*

We’re five days into the eighteenth year Of the twenty-first century, as measured By men of olde with weird contraptions That each one will have treasured; Their erudition, so we’re told, Has singlehandedly shaped mankind To organise them at least to try to arrive on time And if not, give due consideration As to how […]

DBS Redress*

A is for AAAAAAAARGH!!! The depth of frustration Experienced in response to administration; B is for Birth certificate The record of arrival Vital, it seems, for social survival. C is for Compromise Courtesy and corrections In order to alleviate confrontations D is for Drag -Not the man-in-frock act: More the tortuous waiting To get the […]

Material Match*

What if… In this engineered culture of ersatz contests We gave comparison a rest?* The My-Dad’s- Better-Than-Your-Dad thing Not the best way to establish success, Anymore, it would seem, that solid A-Grades, This twenty-first centure accolade Much more revered by governors and staff Than anxious kids in need of a laugh; Than parents who simply […]

Pointing the Finger*

The postmodern pencil grip Sees me wince with discomfort As though to simply hand-write Is a Herculean effort… The way young hands and fingers contort With the pain of all their internet sport: Thumbs the dominant digits these days, Depending, I suppose, on the games they play. Gone, the Hopscotch, Jacks and Five-Stones, Replaced by […]

Who Do You Think You Are?*

If children are at the stage of trying on identity, Where does that leave the dinosaurs? -The ordinary folk like you and me, Who’ve grown up unquestioningly sure…? Who’ve grown up soundly in our own skin, Not so much a whisper of ‘Out’ or ‘In’, With confidence and parental endorsement -None of that publicised ‘inner […]

Pot, Kettle *

As the nights grow long And the days grow shorter Do you worry for the safety Of your son or daughter? -Headphones on and phone in hand, Completely oblivious to the lie of the land: Buses, cars and cyclists surging, Demons on shoulders persistently urging, ‘Take the risk!- See how it feels To touch the […]

Double Bind*

Is sexism what it used to be? A curious question, it seems to me, Not least for the silence of assumption That regular gender-related presumption (Especially where women and girls are concerned) Is still quietly propagated, passively learned. So…whose fault is this? Who can we blame For slight, remarks, offence and shame? What do we […]