Feast, Famine and Fiasco*

If women stopped worrying about losing weight (At least in public) Wouldn’t that be great??! What a difference to the tone of conversation- Substituting competition for social communication… Talking about stuff that really matters As much as expanding the general natter Beyond this ridiculous self-imposed torment, As though we’re calling for one and all to […]


Is it right to keep animals in captivity Just to service the human proclivity To walk And talk And wonder And gawp At creatures in the space delineated By the natural world we’ve decimated? A sense of regard we too easily discard, Taking for granted All we’ve supplanted With the human assumption Of a right […]

Oh, Santa…*

Dear Father Christmas I’ve not been very good… But should you find your way Into my neighbourhood, I hope you will accept My heartfelt apologies, Misdemeanours unintended, The state of my psychology. A vagueness of contrition; Something of a trait In my human disposition. A palpable reluctance To get into the spirit Recalling too much […]

Conservation Conversation

Re-wilding. What a wonderful notion, To regenerate nature through passive devotion ‘Allowing’, for such is human dominion (Depending of course on your opinion), The regeneration of diminishing species Sending the message that everything’s peachy For if mankind can just replace All we’ve destroyed to just save face, As though we can simply hide the shame […]

Negative Trajectory

Daily reports of violation Are setting a tone of mounting sensation, Joanne and Joe Public, as anyone would, Growing worries in kind with their neighbourhood. The smouldering of collective passive assumptions Building peculiar social seduction, Documented in thorough detail To systematically bang in more nails To the lead-lined casket of irrational unease Specifically designed to […]


Turn on a tap And what do you get? A rush of cold water And soaking wet. Flushing the toilet Having a bath Doing the laundry A privileged path- A very particular predilection And one I barely ever question, Having machines to do the work That I would otherwise idly shirk, Taking hygiene so much […]