Sedentary Sympathy*

Children In Need Once again succeeds To raise epic amounts of money: The TV campaign With the verve of champagne And famous folk being funny… Dear Reader, forgive my cynicism Splitting the spotlight as it exits the prism Into a rainbow of unasked questions Arising in spite of creative suggestions For fun and challenge and […]

Material Match*

What if… In this engineered culture of ersatz contests We gave comparison a rest?* The My-Dad’s- Better-Than-Your-Dad thing Not the best way to establish success, Anymore, it would seem, that solid A-Grades, This twenty-first centure accolade Much more revered by governors and staff Than anxious kids in need of a laugh; Than parents who simply […]

Man Versus Machine*

Consider this… How much money would be saved If employers and schools could just be brave Enough to invoke traditional skills To replace the therapy and popping of pills To ‘cure’ ‘conditions’ of body and mind By setting out to realign Selves and souls and expectations To a more pragmatic realisation That work isn’t only […]

The Corbyn Conundrum*

Oh, Mr Corbyn I used to have hope That yours would be the leadership To silence those that gloat,* Standing up with confidence and a cogent narrative Determination, strength and a sense of the imperative. But, oh, how many kites of hope have frayed from their strings, Thoroughly distracted by lesser political things. Teresa at […]

Education Matters…*

Congratulations!!!! To everyone who’s made their grade -And to those of you who missed the mark: Try not to feel dismayed. There’s life beyond those Public Exams, Not that I’m saying just don’t give a damn… More, that examination strife Is not the only thing in life- Which isn’t to say your time’s been wasted […]

Corbyn the Cantankerous?*

Oh, Mr Corbyn, What on earth do you think you’re doing… Shedding skins like a reptile, a slippery road to ruin? I used to have hope you would lead with conviction But all I hear now is driven by friction. Arguments I can’t even conceive About the things you purport to believe And yes, I’m […]

Spring Things*

There are just a few signs of spring in my yard: The earth still resting, clogged and hard With weeds of all sorts taking up the challenge To wreak their bold, unfettered revenge, Presuming (rightly, one might suppose) They’ll see no trouble from the rose, A plant of sentimental worth While firmly rooted in the […]