She’s tired by the way he speaks to her Like a stranger much more than a friend: The giving of seamless instructions Something on which she can daily depend. Ironic, really, if he’d give it some thought, How he rails against notes of any sort, As though these somehow impinge his freedom -He finds every […]

Monarchic Malarkey*

National and international media proclaim The birth of a British prince,until tonight with no name.. Though leaving little room to breech Tradition, Monikers aplenty vying for position, Already effortlessly infinite Assisted by Jo Public’s wit… George, Charles, Edward, James, Among the most distinguished names, Each in their era, of noble descent. One wonders how much […]

Faith, Hope and Gravity*

My mother didn’t know me when I saw her yesterday. There’s really very little else to say -At least, by way of comment, For as much as I lament The fact she did not know my name, The situation will not change. The childlike innocence in her eyes Mixed with clouded adult pride, Knowing in […]

Big Ben’s Bong’s Gone Wrong*

Big Ben’s bong’s gone wrong So after all this time, they’re changing his song, The years unsurprisingly taking their toll Compromising the horological role Of a single bell with world renown, A unique and deeply historical sound, Clanging to signify the time Every quarter-hour since eighteen fifty-nine Ensuring that Londoners, at least, Need not worry […]

Love Is…*

” ‘Til death do us part.” ¹ A vow between hearts Made in faith,with love, Before God above. A simple public testament To a life-time’s commitment Walking together, hand in hand, The route imagined but otherwise unplanned. Bound in a shared expression of hope That, no matter what, together they’ll cope: Meeting their challenges, facing […]

Fake Philosophy*

I’m slightly bemused By the stuff of ‘fake news’,¹ The Blustering hurrumphs Of the Trumpety-Trump. The People, it seems by all accounts, Believing every syllable thus pronounced Is God’s honest heart-felt gospel fact -Accompanied by threats of a weapons attack. While the very same media has Kim Jong Un With his finger hovering a similar […]

Forensic Science

Moment by moment Time silently passes, Waiting for no man But leaving trace on my glasses Of everything I’ve done and seen Through all the moments in between: Sound forensic evidence Recording all the elements Of my personal life and times Which, reading in between the lines, Amounts to little more than dust To which […]