Faith, Hope and Gravity*

My mother didn’t know me when I saw her yesterday. There’s really very little else to say -At least, by way of comment, For as much as I lament The fact she did not know my name, The situation will not change. The childlike innocence in her eyes Mixed with clouded adult pride, Knowing in […]

Big Ben’s Bong’s Gone Wrong*

Big Ben’s bong’s gone wrong So after all this time, they’re changing his song, The years unsurprisingly taking their toll Compromising the horological role Of a single bell with world renown, A unique and deeply historical sound, Clanging to signify the time Every quarter-hour since eighteen fifty-nine Ensuring that Londoners, at least, Need not worry […]

Love Is…*

” ‘Til death do us part.” ¹ A vow between hearts Made in faith,with love, Before God above. A simple public testament To a life-time’s commitment Walking together, hand in hand, The route imagined but otherwise unplanned. Bound in a shared expression of hope That, no matter what, together they’ll cope: Meeting their challenges, facing […]

Fake Philosophy*

I’m slightly bemused By the stuff of ‘fake news’,¹ The Blustering hurrumphs Of the Trumpety-Trump. The People, it seems by all accounts, Believing every syllable thus pronounced Is God’s honest heart-felt gospel fact -Accompanied by threats of a weapons attack. While the very same media has Kim Jong Un With his finger hovering a similar […]

Forensic Science

Moment by moment Time silently passes, Waiting for no man But leaving trace on my glasses Of everything I’ve done and seen Through all the moments in between: Sound forensic evidence Recording all the elements Of my personal life and times Which, reading in between the lines, Amounts to little more than dust To which […]

National Service*

Imagine the weight of expectation On those called up to serve their Nation: Every man and every woman, inexperienced in war, Perhaps never having connected with things worth fighting for. Freedom, the ultimate unspoken-given, The space that enables the lives we’re living: An existence most can take for granted, No need in the scheme for […]

Modern History

To film or just to intervene? To capture or to interrupt some potential historical scene? To risk your reputation in a tricky situation Simply for the ignominy Of being broadcast on TV In one of those hideous ‘real-life’ documentaries To be passed unedited down through the centuries. Unedited records so transparent As to leave a […]