Cause Célèbre*

It’s my birthday. A peculiar affair, Almost as if there’s nobody there. Not that I have any great expectations It’s just an inevitable situation: As anyone born in August will know Tis the annual season to rise and go Anywhere the rain won’t vex -Don’t forget the sunscreen, hats and specs! Even if only as […]

August’s Child*

August’s Child is much neglected, This month for a birthday unwisely selected, Parents (one might speculate) Hoping for a September date… To stake a place in the new school year Ensuring the kid’s developmentally in gear, With those of us born in the summer vacation Left trailing behind under equal expectation And worse than that, […]

Killer Queen*

He drinks Cava by the glass, you know, (Just in case you’re unaware) His boldly printed shirts on show But, thankfully not his underwearrrrr- From the North to Brighton town Where he’s long-since settled down An invitation anytime You can’t decline Cava (no cigarettes) Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily nice… He’s a Killer Queen Alcohol […]

Sexagenarian (!)*

Happy Birthday, Mr Macgregor You’re ageing well, you beggar! Your teeth, no doubt a tad behind Your ever-overactive mind; You hair, a modern mystery Long since confined to history, Leaving one and all to guess What you’ve never yet confessed… The tale of its whereabouts: Did you shave it off Or did it just fall […]

Birthday Girl!

Caroline, Dear Caroline, You’ve crossed a very important line Where no-one has the right to ask How many years you have surpassed (-Not that a gentleman ever should Ask one’s age, if he knows what’s good..!). Nothing to look back for Except how much you’ve learned: The hurdles you’ve transcended, The corners you’ve turned. The […]

Dirty Thirty

Dirty thirty?? Well, Lady*, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The rounding of your third decade With many landmarks still unlaid And doubtless, big ambitions To ascend to new positions(!)… The whole world is your oyster (Assuming you like shellfish- It’s quite ok to eat them all Today, you can be selfish!!) Are you hiring a big marquee To […]