Secret History*

My dad was a remarkable man Who lived below the radar Keen not to court attention Lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, His countenance and not his grace The colour of his skin Not the mind behind his face. He told us stories when we asked About the life he’d led […]


What’s is a name? -Is it pride or shame? Is it your moniker That governs your fame? Or is your tagging The reason for lagging Behind in the workplace By implication of race? A curious question Of modern times, The stealth of selection A silent crime; Allegations quiet and clear Suggesting that might happen here- […]

Literary Integrity*

What makes a poet a poet? Is the writer supposed to just know it? Or is it a matter of intellectual patter -Does studying literature actually matter? Is it OK to do it My Way¹, Just scribbling ideas in idle wordplay? Tinkering with language, a freedom indeed, Well in advance of learning to read: The songs […]


My name’s Gail. And that’s where I fail A name so short to no avail- Quick to write, no signature flourish, Really not much there to encourage: Nothing romantic or remotely lyrical, Much less some eponymous miracle… Though my mum’s assured me over the years She and my dad, they chose it with care, Hyphenated (if […]


My granny had a parrot (It wasn’t by her choice) A handsome, spirited dervish With a cackling-crazy voice. The story goes an uncle, A merchant marine, Smuggled it from East India Docks (The rest of the family mildly shocked) To keep his old mum company While he was away at sea. Polly was a riot- […]