The Power of Two*

Partnership is the greatest teacher, Walking side by side on an open road: No route map, compass, guiding star, Unspoken trust therein bestowed. Each one mindful of the other, The will to journey, a mutual endeavour. Cautious and gentle, the growth of ties, As each mind with the other tries To fathom some interpretation From […]


Trust. A quality that binds us In the ordinariness of things. The watching and the waiting, The inevitable vacillating, The trials and tribulations, Of unexpected stings. The unspoken given Of the space in between ¹ A simple acknowledgement Of the places we’ve been; Journeys planned and unplanned, With rocks on the tarmac, The kind of […]

Recuperation Recuperation Recuperation*

The way I feel this morning Has curious parallels with a state of mourning. Dull-minded catatonia. I have a sense I’m not alone here. Many folk from similar domains Laconic, inevitably feeling inane, Grateful for pre-scripted breaks That otherwise they may not take, Professional momentum The energy that drives them; Less and less the inspiration, […]


Today, I am An International Woman. Standing up to celebrate The things we have in common And finding that I’m speechless With something to observe In the sense of recognition We all rightly deserve. The World Order of things, Gendered language and permissions, Enough to start a dialogue On pre-set dispositions; The sedimented learning Of […]