A New Year Revelation…*

If Christmas is for the children Are we not all kids at heart, Nervous in our silence For the hope of a fresh start? Worried for the trail we leave With others bound to follow, Just as we’ve done all our lives And will do again tomorrow… The stuff of human learning A job that’s […]

Developmental Psychology*

When I was a child, I thought like a child.¹ Curious, quizzical, just occasionally wild… Well protected in the safety of home, Granted the freedom to question and roam, With friends in play and trees to climb, Asking questions all the time, Exploring with innocent curiosity Anything, everything, open to me. Defined adolescent from age […]

Contemporary Communication Disorder

  The glance is mightier than the word.¹ An observation not so absurd, The curse being sharper than the sentiment, Semiotics, the weapon of intent.² A smile may launch a thousand ships, This cause-effect relationship Declared of Helen Of Troy, I believe. A curious burden, ill-conceived, The blame and cost attributed To one woman’s face, […]

Pavement Pacifism

When I was a child We were ranked and filed And not infrequently, crocodiled; Taken from class and made to walk, Taught road safety (-still allowed to talk!) In order simply to explore The world beyond our classroom doors. There was none of the fuss, the faffing, the fear That anyone would disappear A wearying […]

Life Cycles

Is the age of consent Falling victim to lament As news stories unfold That at eighteen years old Weight of responsibility Is costing rather dearly…? It’s all very well Saying, ‘Yes’ to the vote But thereafter, in truth , So much more to emote. With automobile accidents A current focus of lament, The lads at […]