All Hallows Eve*

  Ah, Halloween, Where have your been, Your ghosts and grievances for a year unseen? And strangely, with centuries, metamorphosed Into parades of characters exotically morose, Caught between children’s costumed collections Of treats and practical insurrections, And references to deep tradition Of prayer and private contemplation. To bang on the doors of friends and neighbours […]

Summer in the City*

A model of the pier A stick of Brighton rock A bargain from Primark A genuine linen frock… Chips on the seafront While seagulls parade -Don’t look now: Be very afraid… Those beady eyes and polished beaks Surveying the humans, those sideshow freaks Walking along like Kings of the Prom Without so much as a […]

Boredom and Disorder*

Lord, I am bored With this six week summer vacation An open-ended stretch of weeks With way more troughs than actual peeks, What with everyone else I know Having jobs where they choose when not to go: A day off here, a morning there, At times of rest when in need of self-care. Reaping the […]

Family Festivity*

Deck the halls with boughs of holly Stepping over the ingenuous folly That Santa’s just a bearded guy Empowered to make us buy- buy- buy! Worries about what the Family thinks Drawing us closer to the brink… Have we honoured all traditions In the name of coalitions, Knowing deep down in our hearts It’s round […]

Let’s Hear It For The Girls…

William Tell¹ (Some know him well) Shot an arrow through an apple On the head of his lad In order to prevent Something very, very bad. I can’t remember what But he clearly hit the spot, His place secured in the record books On account of the heroic risk he took. And Robin Hood did […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors*

Job applications Like pebbles on a beach Drop into the water And sink out of reach. The hours of crafting A self-attribution An art in itself That can lead to confusion, The seeking and tweaking Of core characteristics To match with the list Of descriptive linguistics More words and phrases Than I’d ever use To […]

Festive Spirit

Still dreaming of that White Christmas Just like the ones we never see? Deluded by baa-humbug and Misrepresentative meteorology, The appliance of science would seem to suggest That this year’s season will be much like the rest…? I’m sure you know there’ll be no snow But we all love the game to hope it’s so. […]