If women took to the streets to protest,Sporting balaclavas and yellow vests,Journalists (by default, likely male)Would doubtless spin some amazing taleAbout fluorescent lemon being this season’s hue-accompanied by jibes about enhancing the view…Not all, but some- with constructed authority:Enough to impinge on assembled sorority.Not that women with purpose are likely to care.We also serve by […]

Sartorial Shenanigans*

Shopping for clothes… An evolutionary human habit? An eye for a bargain? No thinking- just grab it? Seen it in a magazine or on the back of a passer by? “It’s absolutely what I need- just not really quite sure why…” Seeing it now in a retail outlet, with lightning reflex and just gotta have […]


It’s well and truly winter. The weather’s getting restless. So  now’s the time to find that infernal thermal vest -Or more than one if you’re organised And know just where you stored them- Along with all those mothballed woollies, frayed about the hem, And multiples of socks and gloves in partnership debates, The brokering of […]

Balanced Riot*

How much does it really matter That Britain’s children are getting fatter…? Who’s responsible for the shift From taking the stairs to riding the lift? Who takes the rap for a sedentary lot With a whole generation sat on its bot Poking and stroking electronic screens Eating junk food while eschewing their greens? Who takes […]

George Street Vintage*

George Street Vintage is my choice of design house. Uniqueness of style for an interesting blouse As much a well chosen gentlemen’s shirt- (The buttons are reversed but that doesn’t hurt)¹. Enough of a choice not to suffer the indignity Of meeting someone dressed the same way as me (Which happened in a pub one […]


So… I took my haircut back to the shop On account that it was wonky. It’s something that I’ve struggled with, The trichology of a donkey… Wiry, wilful, bloody-minded Frankly not at all inclined-ed To concur with passing trends So I could look just like my friends. And so unfolded my teenage years, The barnet […]

Making Up Is Hard To Do*

Younger women’s makeup Must terrify the chaps, Wondering what lies beneath Geological layers of slap… Worrying if they get too near That things won’t be as they appear, The threatening, slippery film of grease Sliding into every crease, Slipping rather gracelessly Into places where it should not be, Resulting in a brilliant shine From just above […]