Fathers’ Day*

My dad was a remarkable man who lived below the radar, Keen not to court attention lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, his countenance and not his grace: The colour of his skin, not the man behind the face. He told us stories when we asked about the life he’d led […]

Existential Crisis*

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Forgive our human ways:¹ We could stand on the doorstep and argue our case For a month of Sabbath days… The people heading your English church Are leaving some of us in the lurch, Citing your Word as a justification For the self-righteous eradication Of a simple, human right […]

Renewal and Remembrance

As one year closes, the next lies in waiting, The passing of time showing no signs of abating. The lines upon my forehead, an account of their own Of all the time I’ve been down here And how much (I hope) I’ve grown. Remembering the people who’ve most inspired my path, Unwitting in their lessons […]

Christmas Cardie*

It was lovely- but it didn’t really fit… What else am I supposed to do with it? A garment of such particular style (One that’s been off the scene a while) With crocheted flowers adorning the cuffs And finished with an elegant ruff, The sort of thing I’d never wear Though unquestionably fashioned with loving […]

Oh, Santa…*

Dear Father Christmas I’ve not been very good… But should you find your way Into my neighbourhood, I hope you will accept My heartfelt apologies, Misdemeanours unintended, The state of my psychology. A vagueness of contrition; Something of a trait In my human disposition. A palpable reluctance To get into the spirit Recalling too much […]

Family Festivity*

Deck the halls with boughs of holly Stepping over the ingenuous folly That Santa’s just a bearded guy Empowered to make us buy- buy- buy! Worries about what the Family thinks Drawing us closer to the brink… Have we honoured all traditions In the name of coalitions, Knowing deep down in our hearts It’s round […]

Developmental Psychology*

When I was a child, I thought like a child.¹ Curious, quizzical, just occasionally wild… Well protected in the safety of home, Granted the freedom to question and roam, With friends in play and trees to climb, Asking questions all the time, Exploring with innocent curiosity Anything, everything, open to me. Defined adolescent from age […]