The violation of childhood Is transgretion beyond forgiveness Irrespective of clerical attempts To sooth the lava of this bubbling mess; A holy order of vile transgression Taking children as possession, Building in turn a fearsome chapter, Jaws with the strength of Satan’s raptor, Those who have known the truths of experience Living a private Hell […]

Faith, Hope and Dignity*

Still reeling after all these years Of watching my mother slowly disappear:* First the forgetfulness, nobody thinking If she’s deaf with no aids in, that won’t be surprising…¹ Secondary but with increasing strength, A growing erosion of confidence. Vulnerability only now revealed As she loses the wherewithal to conceal Those things I think she knew […]

Lewes Sings Goodbye*

Karen -and fellow choristers from all over the place,¹ Do you ever quietly marvel at the way we all keep pace? Do you privately pause to ponder the distance we’d actually travel, In the moment quite incredulous how rarely we unravel…?(!) In unison, step-clapping on the two and the four, Making our mark on the […]

Christmas- Past & Present*

Of all the Christmas artefacts I revered, ‘Twas a plastic Father Christmas with ‘one shilling’ on his beard 1  A mark someone made with sale in mind That somehow simply got left behind. -I vaguely remember we had a pair In order to discourage sibling despair One somehow no longer in service… Something to do with […]

Faith, Hope and Gravity*

My mother didn’t know me when I saw her yesterday. There’s really very little else to say -At least, by way of comment, For as much as I lament The fact she did not know my name, The situation will not change. The childlike innocence in her eyes Mixed with clouded adult pride, Knowing in […]

Gift Horse*

It’s beginning to look too much like Christmas… Oh, deary me. Costly bargains and tacky decorations as far as the eye can see! People of all ages gathering momentum Making lists and squaring up -If there’s bargains to be had, they’ll find ’em. Queues along the pavements as broad as they’re long While in the […]


If we feared ‘Strangers’ less and took time to acknowledge That, yes, they’re not party to certain knowledge, If we made ourselves available instead of unassailable And recognised the value of potential contributions, Would that perhaps enable more creative solutions? The building of bridges with hope and expectation A singular contribution to the Future of […]