Power Point*

All for the want of passing the buck, A trail of admin and what the **** …A situation beyond my control Transmuted to interrogation of the soul, Unwittingly symbolising human decline For the want of doing absolutely everything online. Where once there was a paper trail: Archived evidence rarely ever failed But in this illustrious […]

Cycle Path*

What goes around comes around As news headlines daily testify Informing Joe and Joanna public Of stuff to make them cry, Suggesting in no uncertain terms The lid’s gone missing from a whole can of worms… The simple yet unobvious fact That humankind quite simply lacks Any shared capacity To manage with magnanimity Those choices […]

The Corbyn Conundrum*

Oh, Mr Corbyn I used to have hope That yours would be the leadership To silence those that gloat,* Standing up with confidence and a cogent narrative Determination, strength and a sense of the imperative. But, oh, how many kites of hope have frayed from their strings, Thoroughly distracted by lesser political things. Teresa at […]

World Cup Wisdom*

Welcome to the World Stage… The football has begun! -Whatever you may think of it, Wouldn’t it be great if we won?! Though contemporary etiquette Suggests it’s easy to forget Reputations won and lost At the hand of each successive boss: Names and numbers big on shirts And never mind how much it hurts, Each […]


Give a man a problem and leave him to solve it. Give him a dispute and hope he’ll resolve it. Give a man book and teach him to read Give him opportunity and help him achieve. Give him a computer and leave him to play, Finding out all sorts of things to feed his idle […]

Pre-Christmas Chaos*

‘Tis the season of chaos-born fantasy‚Ķ Frantic shopping an inevitability With last minute touches still to be found In spite of the urge to flee from the town. High Streets rivalling the M25 With hordes of pedestrians grappling to survive, Dragging their children and multiple bags, The joy on all faces beginning to sag, Caught […]

Receipt Deceit*

Christmas is coming – Just in case you cannot tell… Streets jammed solid with serial shoppers, A particular personal hell: People walking side by side Clutching their carrier bags with pride, Glowing with gentle thoughts of hope For this year’s gift -No more ‘soap-on-a-rope(!) Or Dad’s Favourite Aftershave (To be fair, he’d never felt that […]