If God in all His many forms Shares advocacy of relational norms Where one person chooses to join with another In faith with love, Together to discover A life of mutual authenticity, To walk side by side on an unplanned journey With hope, inspiration and mutual care, Why, then, do some folk still stand and […]

It’s A Man’s World…*

Man makes my hair grey… He’s so easy to read, Pathologically wired To whine and disagree. His rainbow’s monochrome, His chest of treasure, tin, Rusting at the corners: His self-concept locked therein. It must be strange to only see The stuff that isn’t there, Completely overlooking all the basic daily care. The stuff that doesn’t […]

Modern Mutiny*

  Bravado. Status. Power. Antipathy. Greed. Revenge. Blind-sighted stupidity. Weapons don’t kill: It’s the lads that carry them. Pumped with power And lacking in reason. Good with a trigger But otherwise empty. Driven to killing To prove their integrity. Is this what ‘Education For All‘ has done: Those striving for ‘manhood’ just reach for a […]

Cafe Confidential*

A cafe’s no place for the kids! -Although… perhaps it is…? The sitting and chatting and colouring books Great distraction from frowzily looks┬╣ Of adults deep within their minds; The knotting of eyebrows a common sign Of self preoccupation being surpassed. Let’s face it- be honest- how long would it last? When people-watching loses focus […]

Power Point*

All for the want of passing the buck, A trail of admin and what the **** …A situation beyond my control Transmuted to interrogation of the soul, Unwittingly symbolising human decline For the want of doing absolutely everything online. Where once there was a paper trail: Archived evidence rarely ever failed But in this illustrious […]

Cycle Path*

What goes around comes around As news headlines daily testify Informing Joe and Joanna public Of stuff to make them cry, Suggesting in no uncertain terms The lid’s gone missing from a whole can of worms… The simple yet unobvious fact That humankind quite simply lacks Any shared capacity To manage with magnanimity Those choices […]

The Corbyn Conundrum*

Oh, Mr Corbyn I used to have hope That yours would be the leadership To silence those that gloat,* Standing up with confidence and a cogent narrative Determination, strength and a sense of the imperative. But, oh, how many kites of hope have frayed from their strings, Thoroughly distracted by lesser political things. Teresa at […]