Time and Tired*

Time waits for no man. Nor no woman neither. No competition And no time to mither.¹ The hands of the clock Clearly destined to mock, That blank expression of indiscretion, Of hands for a smile, a frown or a grin, Betraying the momentary state we’re in Whether riven with excitement and bursting to go Or […]

Seasonal Shift*

The sun has got its bags packed in hope of different climes, I’d guess its idea of a holiday is not so different to mine… Not least in the need to avoid recognition And all that ghastly sun-bed competition: The sand-in-sandals irritation Adding little to the sense of sophistication; The Yoga-For-Changin’ sun-seekers’ contortions Boggling, humorous, […]

School’s Out*

To those of you in Education, I bid you a singularly restful vacation, Albeit rather compact in size, -So best leave no room for compromise…(!) ‘Tis well-deserved by all accounts, This week seeing exhaustion mount As students find new energy To counterbalance staff lethargy, With only hours left to go Until it’s time to close […]

Tomorrow could be the first day of the rest of your life…*

Inch worm, inch worm, Inch towards the end of term… Sticking to that single way That signposts a holiday Squeezing in and out Of tension-filled encounters, (Colleagues that you trust Alongside the Doubters). Resources, rubbish, piled so They signify the time to go, Banquet in the staff room To pacify that sense of doom; Students […]

Retail Therapy*

Shopping online: An insidious sign That all is not well… A retail alarm bell That simply attests To creeping signs Of emptiness. It isn’t like there’s no time to shop, Glancing in windows with time to stop Enacting a two-hander courtroom scene To reason the defence that has always been: That yes, the choice is […]

Drowning By Numbers*

A life less extraordinary Is hard to imagine: Just sitting And listening And letting things happen As though a guard dog Pretending to sleep While simultaneously Vigilance keeps. At least, that’s the look Sustained on my face; Drooping eyes And paws out of place. But ears alert, And sharp as a knife Waiting for the […]

The Last Leg

Summer Term And the living is queasy … Weeks to go And few of them easy. Examination consternation Filling folk with reservations, Summative Assessment The stuff of some resentment. Notwithstanding the felling of trees These endless papers cause deepening unease As children, students, teachers all Are set with backs against the wall To somehow prove […]