Hilary¹ and Teresa² up rather different trees With no inclination whatsoever to please, Leadership clearly a one-woman act Whether supported or whether attacked. A subtle reminder of the Thatcher years,³ Enshrined in history for plundering fears; Portrayed in the media as megalomania Because, it seemed, no man could tame her… ‘Tis a curious phenomenon from where […]


Dear Mrs May, As we stand before ‘Independence Day’ Is there not an unmarked sense of haste In the rather-uncomfortably-rapid pace Of England’s much-vaunted Brexitation, Riven with weakening expectation Hanging like old paper-chains Across the unexamined ‘Remains’ Of an unconvincing voting process With Yays and Nays showing little to impress A clear sense of dominant […]

After the Fire

Is this a National State of Turmoil As politicians and public en masse recoil From the taking and making and breaking decisions, The spats, recriminations, inevitable derision, As the general public, confused if you will, Try to extract meaning and purpose still? A Union broken, perhaps beyond repair: Too many voices competing there. Too many […]

A Consequence of Ambivalence?

So what happens now As we settle the row Over inning or outing, Supporting or doubting, Over Boris or Dave, Over access and trade, Over winners and losers And pickers and choosers? What happens now To the previously-ambivalent, The people didn’t bother to consent; The It-Doesn’t Matter-Mates Who simply didn’t participate Whether through purposeful negligence […]

EU No More?

The Hokey-Cokey’s over. At least, for the time being. Divide and Rule, Divide and Fall: There’s little we agree on. A sense that what has happened here Inevitably awakens fear- A notion of uncertainty The voice of just under half a country. To those who made the effort To go and mark their X At […]

A Day of Reckoning

‘Tis the day of national election: Responsibility to make the selection Of a named political representative With the power to make or break how we live. Sparing superfluous history lessons (And those inevitable front-page confessions) What happens in the vote today Will likely either relieve or dismay. The things is, then, who’ll take the blame? […]