Side By Side*

If walking is fitness, then fitness is free -No pressure, no Lycra, no membership fee… Just willing limbs and decent shoes (For the sake of avoiding those blistering blues). A waterproof’s not a bad idea, given the English climate: Take the shopping list and your carrier bags And make the most of it… A little […]


Life. Love. Learning. Laughter. Things to remember In the happy-ever-after. First steps, first calls, First stumble, first falls, First Going-Out nights, First fights and made-rights. Each governed with love and determination To learn for the better from a tough situation. A legacy crafted by patient degree, By parents setting their offspring free To find their […]

Seasonal Shift*

The sun has got its bags packed in hope of different climes, I’d guess its idea of a holiday is not so different to mine… Not least in the need to avoid recognition And all that ghastly sun-bed competition: The sand-in-sandals irritation Adding little to the sense of sophistication; The Yoga-For-Changin’ sun-seekers’ contortions Boggling, humorous, […]

Sporting Chances*

Whatever she does or doesn’t do, It doesn’t feel like she’s much use to you. Except for the business of household chores -All the jobs of work far less interesting than yours. The bathroom, the toilet, the hoovering, the laundry, The kitchen, the yard: Do you see her quandry? The shopping list would even be […]

Revelry Revenge*

So… I got up too early The well-worn routine Too much of a habit For this weary machine. And right from the off, It’s been a disaster Starting with a car That wouldn’t go faster. Wouldn’t, in fact, go anywhere at all, Resulting in a telephone call To a local taxi company Hailing their their […]

Resolution Resolution*

Well, how’s yer head this winter’s morning With the the first day of the New Year dawning…? Champagne bottles and streamers strewn Across the space in every room; Corks lying dormant, their job well done Having popped from those bottles to toast Day One As January returns, an open door, Offering a whisper of hope […]

Great Expectations*

I’ve long come to the conclusion That there’s rising cause for confusion In the popular notion that Man has power To protect every animal, tree and flower Through work in the name of conservation -A complicated situation, Somehow misrepresenting the fact That whatever we do, we can never go back: We can never revoke the […]