Performance Anxiety*

  I am the cartoon cat on the mat That, no matter how I’m sat, Would appear to be wrong to someone observing: A prospect both petulant and unnerving, As though I flatly refuse to conform All for the business of filling in forms. An exercise imperative To quantify what I have to give By […]

Learning For Life*

Education For learning’s sake Would, it’s true, a difference make, Validating individual learners As people more than potential earners: The workers contributing to taxation… But these days, it seems that State motivation Is simply to prove the Nation’s prowess While smoke-screening the usefulness Of keeping young folk away from the workplace In attempt to save […]

Modern Mutiny*

  Bravado. Status. Power. Antipathy. Greed. Revenge. Blind-sighted stupidity. Weapons don’t kill: It’s the lads that carry them. Pumped with power And lacking in reason. Good with a trigger But otherwise empty. Driven to killing To prove their integrity. Is this what ‘Education For All‘ has done: Those striving for ‘manhood’ just reach for a […]

Pecking Order*

There’s a part of me kept silent That really wants you to know How much I feel you malign me With a mind that it shouldn’t show. As though we are somehow in competition For superiority of position. Except that, frankly, I don’t give a hoot: I’m too long in the tooth to put in […]

Learning’s Where The Heart Is*

It must take some guts to think ‘home education’ Is better than the State’s own operation -Which is not for a moment to collude with ideas That reductionism will shrink and make disappear The gaps in learning one might choose to omit Just because of the test of it… Just because a child ‘can’t cope’- […]

Transmission Learning*

Let’s talk about training days. With their entrenched ways. Of presuming majority interests Without much space for interactive redress. The Doing of Things Perceived Essential Making no effort to unleash potential: More, rejoicing in entrenched ideas …Almost as though Big Bosses fear That thinking out loud in a crowded room Will plainly result in disruption […]


I can’t help but wonder (as you may come to expect) How educational jargon can pass as politically correct The current state of our so-called concern For those on the list as failing to learn At least, in accordance with State Education The Golden (fleece) Standard of this inglorious nation Is Special Yes, SPECIAL…* We […]