Evolutionary Existentialism*

It seems in equal measures Both inevitable and tragic That Man, the Guardian of the Planet, Has woven a selfish kind of magic. The trundling sense of ‘evolution’ A driven endeavour to seek solutions Leading, over centuries, To the scourging of forests and wasting of trees, Pollution of waters, erosion of land, Only now realising […]


Planet Earth is getting restless with her tenants. Their behaviour by degree increasingly repellent, From casual misuse to abject abuse And only now making headline news As humans, the arbiters of this decline, Awake to find they’re the next in line: Ecologists’ gently persistent voices Arbiters of now well-publcised choices To plough green spaces into […]


In the beginning, To distract from life, Gardening was my sanctuary Through a period of strife Until, by gradual degree, I found my way to recovery, The simple business of playing with dirt A peaceful way to heal the hurt. Quiet contentment with few distractions (Before discovering poetic redaction) Communing with Nature, observing her ways, This […]


Is it right to keep animals in captivity Just to service the human proclivity To walk And talk And wonder And gawp At creatures in the space delineated By the natural world we’ve decimated? A sense of regard we too easily discard, Taking for granted All we’ve supplanted With the human assumption Of a right […]

What Goes Around Comes Around*

I have moderate confusion about evolution, Arisen from something I read in the press Showing beautiful pictures of curious creatures, Their populations in increasing distress. The idea being that a little promotion Might, perhaps, raise a growing commotion Commanding a voluble collective intention To fight tooth and nail for their global retention. Which raises a […]

Conservation Conversation

Re-wilding. What a wonderful notion, To regenerate nature through passive devotion ‘Allowing’, for such is human dominion (Depending of course on your opinion), The regeneration of diminishing species Sending the message that everything’s peachy For if mankind can just replace All we’ve destroyed to just save face, As though we can simply hide the shame […]

Ker Plunk

I am puzzled by evolution, By unfathomable convolutions Of demand and supply Of predator and prey; The open postulation Of global decay; Finely balanced ecosystems With well-evidenced predictions Inevitably, lamentably Predicting extinction. The fly in the ointment The flee in the pit Is just how freely We speak out about it. Save the species! Save […]