Woman with navigational skills of a paper bag on a windy day Missed an important appointment on account of losing her way… She’s great on foot from place to place But driving the car, she’s a total disgrace! If she’s honest, it’s really quite bizarre How she manages to get anywhere in car -Though, honestly, […]

The Mobile Imperative*

You know you really shouldn’t ought Use you mobile while driving In case you get caught… -Or, much worse than that by far, You injure or kill someone with your car. The logic is obvious, though not so the risk ‘Coz hey!- it’s OK, you’ll only be brisk… That call to a mate to say […]

Neighbourhood Wrath*

It seems workplace parking’s gone barking With all the chaos it’s sparking, The length of the roads Running past our abode Overflowing with tempers and narking… The neighbours are generally tolerant As we clutter their streets with cars But Wednesday’s inclement weather Caused chaos beyond bizarre: Tempers already beginning to fray At the end of […]

Barking Parking*

Like many here, I park my car From whence I hope it’s not too far To haul my sleep-depriv-èd mass To school in reasonable time for class, Noting with increased concern How busy people seldom learn That other folk around them share The morning’s daily parking scare… The urgency to not be late Declining us […]


I’m a Woman on Wheels!!* How great that feels- Ending the rabid self- justification In the Bus-versus- Taxi conversation Wherein I argue both cases with vigour, The fee for the latter significantly bigger: The argument for ergonomics Far outweighing economics, Travelling directly from door to door A small investment worth paying for. A simple luxury, […]

Navigational Deficit Disorder*

I found my Achilles heel Cowering behind the wheel, Angry and dejected On the basis I’m expected To navigate. To navigate… To NAVIGATE And not be late! To get me to a place on time And in a peaceful state of mind In order to be interviewed, And not, I hope, be misconstrued, The shadow […]