See The Eagle And The Damage Done*

We heard you knockin’ On the White House door, We think you’re crazy But we can’t be sure… Ooh, ooh, the things to come… You hit the city And you played your hand We watched New Yorkers Try to take a stand But other Nationals, They had other plans… I’d sing the song If I could […]


Dear Mrs May, As we stand before ‘Independence Day’ Is there not an unmarked sense of haste In the rather-uncomfortably-rapid pace Of England’s much-vaunted Brexitation, Riven with weakening expectation Hanging like old paper-chains Across the unexamined ‘Remains’ Of an unconvincing voting process With Yays and Nays showing little to impress A clear sense of dominant […]

Climate Change*

After the sun comes the rain, A fact of nature that has us complain. A powerful allegory in its way To illustrate transient dismay. Humans being how they are Can, on face value, seem bizarre- One moment roaring with anger, regret, The next, a change, as though we forget All too quickly how the tides […]