Secret History*

My dad was a remarkable man Who lived below the radar Keen not to court attention Lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, His countenance and not his grace The colour of his skin Not the mind behind his face. He told us stories when we asked About the life he’d led […]


In these times of adversity. The gifts of diversity Will doubtless pass unnoticed In the face of silent protest, Actions speaking louder than words Delivered with dignity, Demanding to be heard. Prevailing sense of difference Dissolved as a defence As people from all corners Come together as mourners: To rationalise, to pray To exorcise their […]

Double Bind*

Is sexism what it used to be? A curious question, it seems to me, Not least for the silence of assumption That regular gender-related presumption (Especially where women and girls are concerned) Is still quietly propagated, passively learned. So…whose fault is this? Who can we blame For slight, remarks, offence and shame? What do we […]

A Matter of Perspective

What makes ‘extremists’ extreme? Is it as simple as chasing a dream Pursuing ideas against popular belief Or is it making a point by enactment of grief? Is it something insidious, the corruption of minds, A mental capacity to undermine? Distortion of reference points, Cultural mores, Inciting a fear of Them Next Door? A line […]

Armchair Manageress

The curious thing about football Is football’s a victory call For getting the chaps excited About really very little at all. A bunch of blokes in shortses And shirts in emotive hues The upshot, though, is obvious. Yes-One side’s got to lose… The mud, the sweat, the grass stains All marks of team endeavour Singing […]


A man or woman in uniform Is dressed with commitment to conform Undertaking duties and tasks The like of which I would never be asked. The like of which I can choose to ignore Never wondering what they’re doing it for. The fending of adversaries, keeping of peace, Patrolling the borders so I can sleep? […]