Fathers’ Day*

My dad was a remarkable man who lived below the radar, Keen not to court attention lest people thought him bizarre, Judging, as is folks’s wont, his countenance and not his grace: The colour of his skin, not the man behind the face. He told us stories when we asked about the life he’d led […]

Margins of Magnitude (7:00am)

Rug-rats versus weasel: Which the lesser of two evils? It’s ‘too close to call’ We’re climbing the walls. Politics is dangerous game And not for the faint hearted, Blurred vision and myopia, Inflictions gamefully imparted: The power of words completely absurd in selectivity of meaning, Incumbent debate invariable inflaming wounds that needed healing. The hopes […]

Dear Father Christmas…

…Here I am again In need of vacation: Eyes on stalks with irritation, Tiredness like I can’t remember Since the very start of September, Every ounce of my resolve Propped up waiting to dissolve, Sliding sideways down a glass And waiting for the hours to pass When all I’ll have to do is sit. And […]