Drinking can damage your…? Oh dear. I can’t remember. DIdn’t I meet you at a party Sometime in December? Or was it in the supermarket Perusing wines and spirits? -I vaguely remember your trolley Had quite a variety in it. Mine, though, rather too persuaded By stuff that mixes well with lemonade, Or more particularly, […]


They spent all their money on moose heads…1 At least, that’s how it seems, As though Information Technology’s The only way to realise dreams. They’ve blown the budget big time With things Eee-lectronic Too young to remember the Power Cuts Or maybe just worn laconic The weight of ambition An ignominious disposition, The drive for […]

Silencing the Lambs*

We went to watch the football in a local hostelry. The place was full to bursting in the room with the TV, Folks of all proclivities come together as one Including those accompanied by babes, daughters sons… You might think, “Oh, how wonderful!- a family affair!” But is watching soccer in the pub an act […]


When I was a child, my parents gave me books With pictures, stories, poems, facts- each one worth a look All the way from heady days when Janet first met John… (Though long since have I had my doubts they actually got on- He the Big Adventure and she the frilly sidekick I wonder why […]

Contemporary Communication Disorder

  The glance is mightier than the word.¹ An observation not so absurd, The curse being sharper than the sentiment, Semiotics, the weapon of intent.² A smile may launch a thousand ships, This cause-effect relationship Declared of Helen Of Troy, I believe. A curious burden, ill-conceived, The blame and cost attributed To one woman’s face, […]

Future Perfect

I hold my hands up to courting controversy On the business of adolescent mental health: On the question of aetiology, We cannot afford to ignore Western wealth. The ignominious luxury Of over-used technology To counsel, guide and to inform, May actually be causing harm Insidiously cultivating Chinks and links: Demotivating. Creating a sense of difference […]

Learning Curve*

Lessons in Life Are complex these days, With so much attention to individual ways: Perceptions of one-ness outweighing Gestalt, Questing for fame and fast result… Which leads me to wonder if, When I am old, Cultural history will no longer be told; Everything converted to digital notation, Eluding entirely the ‘older’ generation While those on […]