Last Days of Discipline*

Why is it fine To be marking time At the company’s expense? What possible defense For hours and hours of mindless computing? -There’s absolutely no room for refuting How little there is of purpose to do In this term-end empty human zoo… The urge for planning and preparation An over-anticipated expectation, Slightly overstepping the unspoken-given […]

Batman RIP*

Batman and Robin? Wow! What a team!! -With cloaks, masks and tights To conceal the Dream: A lesson in life that crossed generations Courtesy of a TV station That brought this comic-strip pair to light To educate kids on Wrong from Right, Witty adversaries setting the scene With their cravings for power A crime-fighter’s dream. […]


My mother always cared for me With love, strength and dignity From first moments of infancy Til well into my adulthood, Shielding me from the painful Celebrating with the good. Always there when called upon To pick me up and dust me down, Unwritten in her undertaking The stepping back, the mending, making, Knowing when […]

National Service*

Imagine the weight of expectation On those called up to serve their Nation: Every man and every woman, inexperienced in war, Perhaps never having connected with things worth fighting for. Freedom, the ultimate unspoken-given, The space that enables the lives we’re living: An existence most can take for granted, No need in the scheme for […]

Mrs Manager*

Introducing Mrs Hodgson, A woman in the shadows Whose hubby’s centre-stage right now As everybody knows… Do you ever pause to question If she likes the anonymity? Whether she craves to be centre-stage Or prefers quiet afternoon tea? I wonder what she really thinks About living with The Team? One thing is for sure right now: […]

A & E*

I came I sat I waited And, if I’m honest, Hesitated In a straggling queue Of the black and blue Patiently waiting While contemplating Exactly what I should do. Patients came And patients went, Each with injuries to present Every one, it seemed to me Graced with supportive company While I sat solitarily, Some way […]