Brexit Bru-Ha-Ha*

Brexiteers ‘ve got the bit between their ears… Panic buying Panic selling Panic wailing Panic yelling Panic, though, no useful contribution To finding some sense of a shared solution. Whether we Leave or whether Remain, There will inevitably be change For such is the nature of human endeavour: Nothing stays the same for ever. So […]


Blah blah Brexit… Blah blah impending exit… Blah blah Teresa v. Boris…* Like the only choice for PM is this… A tit-for-tat-Toryfied battle of wits Between two over-educated upper class twits… With an ego a-piece and alleged erudition That gives them both balls to compete for position While ordinary folk, their patience vexed, Try to […]

Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson MP*

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson MP * Took great care of his career, as far as most could see: Known for his public school foppishness As much as unfettered politjcal frankness, His candid style of communication Not befitting many an occasions -Or at least that’s how it would often appear, Mrs May looking most severe […]


Dear Mrs May, As we stand before ‘Independence Day’ Is there not an unmarked sense of haste In the rather-uncomfortably-rapid pace Of England’s much-vaunted Brexitation, Riven with weakening expectation Hanging like old paper-chains Across the unexamined ‘Remains’ Of an unconvincing voting process With Yays and Nays showing little to impress A clear sense of dominant […]

Climate Change*

After the sun comes the rain, A fact of nature that has us complain, A powerful allegory in its way To illustrate transient dismay. Humans being how they are Can, on face value, seem rather bizarre- One moment roaring with anger, regret, The next, a change as though we forget All too quickly how the […]