‘S no Business Like Snow Business*

It seems that only the wealthiest drivers Will be noble National Snow Survivors, The mighty four-wheel-drive brigade Quite unlikely to come to the aid Of mere mortals with recycled cars, Fearful of driving very far By dint of the fact the Ice Man cometh Leaving a depth of foot-print-free fluff, Gently deepening radiant white, A […]

Glitter Banned*

It’s difficult not to feel bitter About the banning of glitter… A seasonal treat since the age of four- With tinsel and baubles and so much more- It’s hard to imagine festivities Without this seasonal proclivity: Celebrations across the nation Potentially stymied by this situation, The natural preoccupation With festive folly across the nation Suddenly […]

Boredom and Disorder*

Lord, I am bored With this six week summer vacation An open-ended stretch of weeks With way more troughs than actual peeks, What with everyone else I know Having jobs where they choose when not to go: A day off here, a morning there, At times of rest when in need of self-care. Reaping the […]

Self Defeat*

Girls, girls, girls How has your place in this world Regressed beyond all recognition In the face of media competition Over just about everything From what to say to what to sing; From what to wear, how to style your hair, To how and what and whether to share The most intimate of personal details […]


Summer time and the occasion arises To let go those little up-sleeve surprises… Tattoos hidden away for the winter (As a way to keep warm, what could’ve been simpler Than saving these sanctified works of ink And avoiding the looks that say what some folk think…?) Though gone are the days of American piety, Hiding […]

George Street Vintage*

George Street Vintage is my choice of design house. Uniqueness of style for an interesting blouse As much a well chosen gentlemen’s shirt- (The buttons are reversed but that doesn’t hurt)ยน. Enough of a choice not to suffer the indignity Of meeting someone dressed the same way as me (Which happened in a pub one […]

Let Them Eat Cake*

Cake in the staff room, The sit, chat and laugh room, Sat on the pastiche eighties chairs Reflecting on the day’s affairs: Coffee and banter (The occasional ranter!) Holding a mirror To our collective endeavour: A space for debriefing, Reflection and reprieving, What to do next time And when to walk away. Students improving (A […]