‘Ello, World. Got a new laptop.* I’m back online but not back on top… Everything’s all upgraded Except for me, feeling slightly jaded, Not so much for the cost of it all- Much more that while the thing’s beautifully small It seems to hold power of a sort over me On account of my inability […]

DBS Redress*

A is for AAAAAAAARGH!!! The depth of frustration Experienced in response to administration; B is for Birth certificate The record of arrival Vital, it seems, for social survival. C is for Compromise Courtesy and corrections In order to alleviate confrontations D is for Drag -Not the man-in-frock act: More the tortuous waiting To get the […]

Every Child Matters*

What does is mean to be special?ยน A warm sense of positive self Or the kid in the class that can’t keep up On acount of a context that has him stuck With a reputation chained to his being, This the first thing that everyone’s seeing Proud-as-you-like on documentation: Is that really authentic Inclusive Education? […]

Great Is Their Faithfulness*

Here, now, in the twenty-first century, It vexes and appals me That animals, like children, Seem to constitute a human liberty… Unless, for reasons of compassion, A ‘future owner’ may deviate from fashion And open their heart to a ‘prehomed’ creature, Need and potential the prominent features Over and above a fancy breed -It’s a […]

Parking Debacle*

That I am not a hermit Intones the need of a parking permit… An annual festival sans celebration* Of queueing at the Town Hall’s ticketing station To pay my money in a Hobson’s choice, Garageless folk here devoid of voice By the local council’s imposition Of annual permits for parking positions. And before you self-righteous […]

The Deterrence of Insurance…*

Oh, the wonderful world of vehicle insurance… A minefield demanding considerable endurance. The pawing of quotes to find the best deal Offering frankly minimal appeal, Knowing only too well from prior experience The Broker’s drive to up the expense, Little engaging with the idea That replacing the vehicle wouldn’t be that dear: Motoring snobbery just […]

Pointing the Finger*

The postmodern pencil grip Sees me wince with discomfort As though to simply hand-write Is a Herculean effort… The way young hands and fingers contort With the pain of all their internet sport: Thumbs the dominant digits these days, Depending, I suppose, on the games they play. Gone, the Hopscotch, Jacks and Five-Stones, Replaced by […]