The Age of Reason*

When we were young, we wanted to grow up But none of us expected to grow old. We listened to our parents and learned from our elders And generally did as we were told… When things went wrong, we found a way To put them back together Constantly re-configuring allegiance Believing we’d been clever. The […]

Safety in Numbers*

There’s a mounting sense of vexation About finance in education, The weighty matter of pressure to Achieve Perhaps just a little misconceived… Hasn’t anyone notice the flaw in the plot That Standards per se are actually not…? Truth be told, they’ve been composed By bods at the top who thinks they knows What it is […]

Mobius Strop*

Somewhere between Happiness and Habit Is where we’ve abandoned our Planet, Taking for granted all we survey: Human consumption withering away The very things we crave to protect While systematically having wrecked The very landscapes we lament With time, money and energy spent In pyrrhic, infantile endeavour To keep things the same for ever and […]

Literary Integrity*

What makes a poet a poet? Is the writer supposed to just know it? Or is it a matter of intellectual patter -Does studying literature actually matter? Is it OK to do it My Way¹, Just scribbling ideas in idle wordplay? Tinkering with language, a freedom indeed, Well in advance of learning to read: The songs […]


A hundred pairs of Pound Shop specs,¹ Each specifically purchased with a purpose to correct The lengthening of sight that comes with age, Though in truth, there’s little talk of this stage: The sorry business of wrinkling skin The Problem in Common… So, where to begin As eyelids stretch and eyeballs strain And minds resist […]

Cinderella Complex*

Let’s hear it for the girls- Let’s ask them how life really seems With aspirations and ambitions Somehow elided into dreams, Reducing expectations For up to half of any nation Simply because that’s How Life Is -A deeply sedimented kind of business With social media taking the hit For the ways young people are using […]

Commuter Beauty*

Face-painting* on moving public transport… Skills widely acquired but rarely taught. A female form of self-defence That to onlookers Can seem rather intense But fascinating to observe, As fellow commuters hold their nerve… There’s need for very steady hands And confidence in ones fellow man Not to peer too curiously As dust and glitter and […]